Social Emotional and Academic Development (SEAD)

Recognizing that non-academic and socio-emotional skills impact students’ academic success, ISA launched the Integrating Non-Cognitive Teaching and Learning into the Academic Core Project  (INTLP) in six high schools.

Providing strategic and professional learning opportunities for administrators and teachers, the project has centered on the development of non-cognitive skills in the core content areas.

Mathematics class at Innovation High School, where students engage in self-assessment practices across the curriculum every day.

Through this project, ISA supports the creation of classrooms communities where students and teachers engage in daily metacognitive practice; teaching students how to use and learn from their mistakes, be reflective about and invested in their own growth, and identify and use their strengths to tackle any problem in front of them (from reading a text to solving a crisis). To date, we’ve seen a variety of successes that have ranged from rising graduation rates and test scores to the confidence students exhibit across the content areas.

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