Equity in Schools and Districts

For the nearly three decades, the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) has partnered with schools and districts to transform high schools and ensure that traditionally underserved students graduate high school prepared for a post-secondary pathway, for a career, and for life. ISA believes that the only way to accomplish this transformation is to enhance educational equity.

Educational equity is a required condition of justice, fairness, and inclusion, and it must be embedded into the education system, at all levels, to ensure that students have access to rich educational opportunities and can meet their fullest potential. Moving to a more equitable system demands that we:

  • Recognize the historical conditions and barriers that have prevented opportunity and access for students who have been traditionally marginalized
  • Examine and deconstruct current practices and policies through the lens of equity
  • Evaluate a school’s or district’s capacity to move forward as a learning community
  • Strategize to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive agenda, for all stakeholders

ISA deeply believes that equity must be interwoven into the policies, practices, and procedures that impact student achievement and social emotional development. Through this lens, ISA supports school districts in creating and sustaining equitable practices through a variety of activities, which include:

  • Equity audit: ISA partners with school districts to evaluate their current policies and practices through an equity lens. Are all students receiving an equitable education? The audit will focus on areas such as finance, curriculum and instruction, and human capital.
  • Strategic planning with district leadership: ISA and district personnel work collaboratively to create an equity agenda inclusive of the supports necessary to close opportunity gaps.
  • Professional development: ISA can provide equity-related training for school, district, and school board personnel.
  • Institutes: ISA will organize a multi-day learning experience that allows educators to build collective capacity to create and sustain equitable solutions for students, district and school personnel, and other district community members.
  • Speaking engagements: Our team can support your need for experts.

Need more information? Be in touch with Abner Oakes at aoakes@ets.org.