Target Improvement

Build Capacity in Select Areas

Teachers collaborate on a high school improvement planISA’s targeted interventions are the ideal solution for schools that need to build capacity in a few specific areas as part of its school improvement plan.

This solution is typically used where schools exhibit some evidence of graduating students college-ready but need to strengthen particular aspects of the schools structure, instruction, or program.


  • College Readiness School Assessment: The ISA College Readiness Assessment provides data from multiple perspectives on the school’s implementation of ISA’s seven research-based principles that together create a college going culture.  The data from ISA College Readiness Assessment report provides a picture of the school as a college going culture and inform the decisions ISA and the District partner make to target improvement in the school.
  • Developing Mathematical Thinkers:  Students must develop the ability to think and reason mathematically in order to become fully participating members in a developing global society. ISA’s math specialists will work with district leaders, curriculum leaders, and school leaders to craft a solution specific to your needs and your desired outcomes.
  • Developing College-Ready Readers and Writers: ISA’s literacy experts work with Districts and schools to review their needs and assess gaps in their programs. Using ISA tools, processes, templates, and rubrics, our team collaborates with you to develop coaching plans based on literacy outcomes you identify.  Writing Worth Doing is our cross-curriculum, 4-year writing program, should that be your particular interest.
  • Building a College-Going Culture: This series of services supports schools to evaluate their college going culture, develop organizational structures that ensure every student is situated for success, and ensure that every student has the necessary academic, career, and college advisement.
  • Inquiry-based Teaching and Learning: Ensuring a college preparatory instructional program is no easy task. These ISA services focus on Building a Culture of Planning, the Successful Delivery of Instruction, using inquiry-based instruction to attain the high-levels of thinking expected by higher state standards, and successful approaches to navigating Testing and Assessment.