Start a New School

Create a New Academy or New School to Add to your District Portfolio

ISA partners with school districts and other organizations to create new small college preparatory high schools, including Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools, starting with the 9th grade and adding a grade per year.  ISA’s approach develops a college-going culture with norms and practices designed for student and school success.  A new school strategy is typically used where districts have a small school reform strategy or desire innovation and diversity in their portfolio of high schools.

Using its Seven Principles as benchmarks, ISA collaborates with school districts to design and implement new, small, personalized, and intellectually demanding high schools for under-served and under-performing youth using a 4 ½- year systematic approach that has three interconnected components: a school development process, a leadership development program, and a teacher development program.

The overall new school planning, launching, and implementation processes are managed by ISA’s leadership, while the onsite development of individual schools is guided by a local ISA school development-leadership coach who is an experienced school practitioner with school leadership, organizational, and instructional experience. Many ISA coaches have started small urban high schools and others have taken leadership positions in such schools. During this process, ISA takes on several roles and responsibilities including professional development provider, resource manager, and school-district partner.

ISA’s new school development process has the following features:

Visioning & Proposal Development
Design and Development of the School Structure and Instructional Program
Recruitment and Selection of School Principal
Teacher Recruitment and Hiring for New Schools
Student Recruitment
Formative Assessment for School Development
Professional Development
Collaboration With District