College-Ready Literacy Services

Literacy & Writing Across the Curriculum

reading in the libraryISA’s literacy experts work with Districts and schools to review their needs and assess gaps in their programs. Using ISA tools, processes, templates, and rubrics, our team collaborates with you to develop coaching plans based on literacy outcomes you identify. Coaches provide individual and team coaching as well as large-group professional development with the goal of continuous improvement to achieve the literacy goals. Literacy coaches use data — including coaching logs, teacher observations, and student performance in class and on assessments — to monitor program implementation. Coaches provide professional development to teachers and administrators to address the literacy gaps which they have identified. That way, administrators are able to continue to develop the capacity to support schools in their implementation of the CCSS for literacy.

The following are solution samples based on work ISA has done with other schools and districts.  They are frequently customized, combined, and fine-tuned for the context of instruction.

Introduction to a Standards-aligned Literacy Program: An Overview of a Four-year Plan
Developing a School-wide College-ready Writing Across the Curriculum Program
Developing Inquiry-based Standards-aligned Literacy Curriculum Units and Lesson Plans
Literacy Across the Curriculum: Instruction and Pedagogy
Understanding and Using Performance-based CCSS-aligned Literacy Assessment Tasks