College Readiness School Assessment

Formative Assessment and Planning Process for College Readiness

student diversityHow does a high school know if is preparing all of its students for success in college? The ISA College Readiness School Assessment helps a high school to find out the ways in which it is effectively preparing all students to be college ready and the areas in which it needs further development if all of its students are to become college ready by the time they graduate.

The ISA College Readiness Assessment provides data from multiple perspectives on the school’s implementation of ISA’s 7 research-based principles that together create a college going culture.  The data from ISA College Readiness Assessment report provides a picture of the school as a college going culture and inform the decisions ISA and the District partner make to target improvement in the school.

ISA’s College Readiness School Assessment package includes five components:

The Online Student Survey
The School Self-Study
Visit By External Team
Report to the School
An ISA School Coach