Career and Tech Ed (CTE)

Develop a Career and Tech Ed (CTE) School

ISA has services created for visionary school leaders who want to develop a CTE school. Built on our seven principles, ISA partners with school districts to create CTE programs and experiences that include high expectations for student achievement.


  • Support new or existing ISA schools to offer a CTE program that strives to see that every graduate has three things: a high school diploma, an industry-level certification of some kind and an acceptance letter to either a technical school or a 2- or 4-year college

How ISA partners at the school level:

  • Works with the school leadership team to identify business partners and learning experiences that will help students attain industry-level certifications (e.g., Emergency Medical Technician; Certified Nursing Assistant; A+ computer repair certification)
  • Supports school leadership team to implement the ISA college readiness assessment tool to identify strengths and gaps in its provision of a college preparatory instructional program
  • Analyzes assessment results, and helps identify school, instructional and student outcomes for targeted coaching of faculty (e.g., development of advisory, students’ use of evidence, teacher questioning skills, use of data to inform instruction etc.)
  • Provides coaching to support the leadership team and the development of the full CTE program to meet state and local requirements