The first of the seven ISA principles is to provide students with a college preparatory instructional program. ISA schools do this in a number of ways, including encouraging freshman students to think of themselves as future college students. To ensure that outcome, for each of the last two summers, ISA has provided students with the opportunity to be actual college students and earn college credit through the High School Summer Scholars Program.

Located at the New Jersey City University (NJCU) Harborside campus, this summer’s program hosted 14 students who took an accredited history course and received college credit.

“Some students had to take three trains to get to the Harborside campus and one student had to take four trains and a bus,” said Juan Carlos Reyes, ISA’s liaison to the early college program. “This is a reminder that when we set the bar high, students are willing to step up to the challenge. Because of this partnership, these students have a head-start and are more likely to pursue a higher education.”

To date, we are proud that 30 ISA students have received college credit through the High School Summer Scholars Program at NJCU.