Community Voices

ISA has played a major role in helping our students graduate ready for any college major. Our advisory program gets freshmen thinking about college from the very beginning. They are surveying college choices, determining career tracks and creating a plan to get there – all with the help and input from their advisors. Noah Lansner, Principal, Brooklyn Preparatory High School, Brooklyn, NY Noah Lansner
I imagined running a school with project-based learning, strong academic support and guidance for students, and professional support and collaboration among colleagues. The ISA model was a great match for my vision. The ISA model is comprehensive yet flexible. Understanding that there is not a single formula for running a successful school, we adapted the ISA principles to our own vision and ultimately created our own place within the ISA model. Emily Shu, Founding Principal, Bronx Envision Academy, The Bronx, NY Emily Shu
ISA’s involvement has been priceless and extremely valuable. During this challenging time, ISA’s mentoring, coaching, professional development, and overall support have allowed myself and my teachers to continue with our student achievement initiatives and ensure that our work in deliberate data-driven instruction continues. For my schools, ISA has provided coaches to work with my content departments. These coaches have worked closely with my department coordinators to build their leadership and ensure PLCs and targeted support is given to the teachers in the specified departments. ISA has also provided additional support to me and my leadership team. This leadership coaching/mentoring has allowed me and my team to further develop our leadership skills by hearing from others in the ISA network and working directly with ISA. Yvonne Waller, Principal, Snyder and Innovation High Schools, Jersey City, NJ
First and foremost, I have the best ISA coaches. With both Paula and Carlton, I am able to share raw ideas and with their thinking transform them into meaningful instructional practices/focuses. WE make a great team! ISA is currently supporting our efforts to create a close to “normal” learning environment with the development of our morning show, among other things. Additionally, we are working to develop an instructional model for teachers in order to make teaching and learning seamless when we transition to a hybrid model. I greatly appreciate the support and expertise of my ISA
colleagues. Wachera Ragland-Brown, Principal, William Shermin Midtown Community School, Bayonne, NJ
The structures we have built and the outside support we have received from ISA has made our school possible and ultimately a success. Norma Vega, Founding Principal, ELLIS Preparatory Academy, The Bronx, NY Norma Vega
For me, it is most important that students graduate with skills and experiences that will make them successful wherever they go. Ultimately, we want them to graduate and be happy, healthy and productive citizens, regardless of what field they choose. The ISA model gives our students the opportunity to write their own future, regardless of their past. Gareth Robinson, Founding Principal, Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights, Jamaica, NY Gareth Robinson
Anonymity is the death of education. If students feel they are just another number or statistic, they will forget that school is a place of hope and discovery. ISA’s distributed leadership model and advisory program creates a sense of community within the school. Teacher advisors have the same students all four years, so they really get to know and communicate with their students. Nancy Logozzo, Founding Principal, Hudson High School of Learning Technologies, New York, NY Nancy Amling
The ISA model requires that teachers be more than teachers – they are role models to, and often confidants for, our students. This creates a foundational skill for our new teachers and raises the expectations for our veteran teachers. Carla Theodorou, Principal, Benjamin Franklin High School for Finance & Information Technology, Cambria Heights, NY Carla Theodorou
ISA means a lot to me. ISA represents needed continuous improvement that is necessary not only for student data but also for the importance of pouring into professionals and developing them. That’s one of the primary reasons to have ISA here—to focus on
continuous improvement…When you’re in the thick of it, you can’t get on that balcony. Having a second eye on things…can really help you grow and go to the next level—even when you think you’ve done this for a number of years. But I’m still learning and growing. William Massey, Principal, HD Woodson High School, Washington, DC
Our ISA leadership development coach plays a significant role in helping our school flourish. Instead of feeding me information, he asks me questions that make me figure out my own answers, which truly makes this school unique. He analyzes best practices and then guides me through what needs to happen in order for it to fit for our school. We believe in everything ISA’s Seven Principles demonstrate. We encourage collaborative learning in the classroom and collaborative professional learning at the teacher level. Even the administration and our school’s engagement with parents are very collaborative. Coaching has been a huge part of this success. Carolyne Quintana, Principal, Bronxdale High School, The Bronx, NY Carolyn Quintana