Case Studies

Preparing college-ready graduates

All of these high schools have 7 things in common — the ISA Principles.  Yet each school is very unique, created in partnership with the school district to meet the specific needs of their communities.  All of these schools have one other important thing in common– results!  Download these case studies to get a better picture of their mission, their passion, and their accomplishments.

Park East High School Case Study

Park East High School
Manhattan, New York

The mission of Park East High School is to educate all students to be critical thinkers by conducting research, solving complex problems, clearly expressing ideas through writing, providing evidence to support arguments and reading challenging texts. Learn how Park East partnered with the ISA to restructure their school, develop their current mission, and provide their student population with greater opportunities for success.

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Queens High School of Teaching Case Study

Queens High School of Teaching
Queens, New York

The Queens High School of Teaching is different by design; developing diverse learners who are prepared to become leaders and teachers in their communities and productive members of a global society.  Learn how the New York Department of Education partnered with the Institute for Student Achievement to design and develop this achievement focused, college-preparatory high school.

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Victory Collegiate High School Case Study

Victory Collegiate High School
Brooklyn, New York

Victory Collegiate High School believes that education is the most powerful instrument for sparking the revitalization essential to urban communities. Learn how the Institute for Student Achievement partnered with the New York Department of Education to develop this new school founded on a deep commitment to improving educational conditions and outcomes for America’s underserved youth.

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North Community High School Case Study

North Community High School
Minneapolis, Minnesota

North Community High School ignites the twin flames of knowledge and imagination in students that they sustain through lifelong inquiry. Our teachers and leaders equip young people to study in world-renowned international educational programs, perform well on the most rigorous assessments, lead constructive change in their communities, and build ethical careers in a global, competitive marketplace.

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