ISA's Gallery of Past Events

Curating a Literacy Life: Student-Centered Learning @ Glenville High School

The webinar, Curating a Literacy Life: Student-Centered Learning at Glenville High School, celebrated the publication of a new book by Dr. William (Bill) Kist with help from Glenville teachers, Shannon Davis and Ga-Vita Haynes.

Having the Chance to Learn & Grow: Closing the Gap to Advanced Math Classes

How do we ensure that all students have access to upper level mathematics classes, no matter their zip code or socio-economic status? Watch this webinar that we had on March 9, 2023, for viewpoints from research, school district, and school level.

June 2021 SEAD Summit: Leadership Panel Discussion

In this segment from our June 2021 SEAD Summit, hear how school leaders are embedding SEAD strategies and practices into their schools’ classrooms and impacting climate and culture.

Discussion mapping: A SEAD strategy for engaging students in regular conversations

Watch Adelia Gibson and her students at NYC’s Bronxdale High School implement this strategy in the classroom. SEAD stands for social, emotional, and academic development;

Webinar: Investigating Supervision of Virtual Science Instruction for All Students

This webinar, which took place on March 26, addressed the principles and practices that aim to help and support leadership and administrators’ science supervisory concerns. 

Webinar on Alternative Teaching and Station Teaching

While co-teaching in a remote setting can look a bit different than in-person teaching, there are many approaches such as alternative teaching and station teaching that can work well in both learning environments. 

Digital Tools to Help Teach English Learners

For this webinar Stephanie Grasso, an ISA coach, was joined by Sabrina Espinetti, a teacher of English learners at NYC’s Business of Sports School. 

Webcast: Learning is Nonlinear

On October 22, ISA teammates Hewette Moore and Nate Dilworth presented at the Innovation Conference for the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS).