New Jersey City University is helping to prepare ISA students for success in college and career through its High School Summer Scholars Program. This summer marked the second year in which ISA students has participated in the program, which gives highly motivated students a chance to complete a college-level course over the summer in order to earn transferable credits.

This summer, 17 ISA students were selected to participate in the program through an evaluation of their academic standing and commitment to traveling to the campus three days per week. The intensive program demands tremendous dedication from its students, who are often traveling great distances to complete the rigorous coursework. The accredited history course offered this summer allowed students the opportunity to explore all aspects of what a college-level course entails before actually entering college. ISA views this preparation as critical in paving a student’s path for success in college. The exposure to the college culture and its intensity, as well as the emphasis on higher order thinking and intensive writing, fully equips students with necessary skills, so that they are ready for the future.

The successful program, made possible for ISA students through funding from ETS’s Center for Advocacy and Philanthropy, hopes to continue its notable track record. In ISA’s first year of participation, all 16 students enrolled in the accredited humanities course passed. This year, of the 17 students selected for the program, 14 students enrolled, and are expected to achieve the same outstanding results as the program’s previous group of students.