Lauren BradyWhen Lauren Brady began working as a math teacher at Park East High School in Manhattan in 2004-05 school year, the school was on the School in Need of Improvement list for several reasons, including the school’s low math Regents pass rates. After her first year at the school, the passing rate on the Algebra Regents doubled; last year, 98 percent of freshman passed.

Lauren’s success helping students understand and engage with mathematics has recently been acknowledged with her winning the prestigious Sloan Award for Excellence in Teaching hosted by the Fund for the City of New York and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. She was one of seven math and science teacher recipients. Judged by a panel of scientists, mathematicians and educators, the award honors educators who have been teaching math or science in city high schools for at least five years.

Jonathan Katz, the Senior Math Specialist at the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) and Lauren’s math coach, praised Lauren for her continuous development as an instructor and her devotion to advancing the school’s math department.

“She has taken part in ISA professional development sessions, such as the ISA Summer Institutes, and has worked hard to create meaningful inquiry curricula in mathematics,” said Katz. “As the math lead teacher at Park East High School, Lauren assisted in the development of the school’s 9th grade Common Core math curricula while creating a highly successful college-preparatory statistics course for 12th graders. She has been the major force in helping to develop Park East High School’s successful math program.”

Watch Lauren’s video detailing her experience at Park East High School and read excerpts from her nomination here.