Education Partners

Partners in Success

The National Center for Restructuring
Education, Schools & Teaching  

Since 2001, the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools & Teaching (NCREST) at Teachers College, Columbia University has been ISA’s strategic education partner. NCREST has collaborated with ISA on the design, development and implementation of ISA’s high school reform model and continuously engages in various activities to support ISA.

In order to support the new school’s organizational development, effective implementation of the ISA principles, and a culture of continuous improvement, NCREST provides schools with different kinds of data to guide them.  These data include student performance results from ISA’s fall and spring assessments in writing and math that are aligned with state standards and rubrics and a student survey administered in 9th and 11th grades that measure students’ sense of self-efficacy, aspirations, ambition, and attitude toward school.  Additionally, ISA provides schools with tools to self assess student and program outcomes.