About ISA

Improving Outcomes for All Students

The Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) is a team of committed educators who join with schools and districts to transform high schools, so that students who are traditionally underserved and underperforming graduate prepared for success in college and careers. Through a close partnership, ISA provides the organizational and professional development supports that schools, principals, and teachers need to succeed, giving students the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve to their fullest potential.

Our Students are Like Yours

Brooklyn Prep GradsThe majority of students in ISA schools are from low-income and high-need families: over 70% of the students are free/reduced lunch eligible and over 60% enter 9th grade with significant deficits in math and literacy.

A Proven Model of Success

A graduating studentISA’s seven principles provide the research-based framework for creating successful schools. As a result, ISA’s whole-school reform approach has been validated by two independent and rigorous evaluations as effective for increasing the achievement of high-need students in general, and African American male students in particular.

ISA takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the academic, social, and emotional needs of high school students, so that they are well prepared for success in college and career. Studies show that ISA’s largely African American and Latino student population has a 4-year cohort graduation rate of nearly 80%. This dramatically exceeds the national high school graduation rate for African American students of 60% and Latino students of 58%. Objective, external evaluators have validated our long track record of creating a measurable, positive impact on student achievement.

A Partnership of Collaboration

ISA recognizes and respects the unique values and needs of every partner school and our collaborative, rather than prescriptive, approach builds on those values to address the school’s needs to create a culture of success. Whether developing a new school or transforming an existing one, ISA and its experienced staff and coaches work with you to ensure long-term success. As former teachers, principals, and superintendents, the ISA team brings a strong working knowledge of effective organizational and instructional practices, a deep understanding of the challenges of the current educational landscape, and the ability to address both policy and practice issues at the district and school levels.

A Vision of Success

At the core of every ISA partnership is the belief that every student has the capability to succeed. The synergy that results from implementing the ISA principles produces higher attendance, graduation, and college acceptance and persistence rates. The common theme among ISA principals, teachers, parents and students: they are ready – ready to succeed– and they are prepared for what the future holds. It is this readiness, fostered by the ISA approach to coaching and outcome-driven, comprehensive professional development, that creates a sustainable environment for long-term success.
ISA's Guide to Whole School Reform