Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research


ISA’s monitoring, evaluation, and research (MER) team collaborates with school and district leaders to help identify improvement needs and solve challenges at the classroom, school, and district levels.

We provide customized services for collecting practical data on and measuring progress and outcomes of school- and district-based improvement initiatives.

See below for three of the MER services that we offer:

The ISA MER team collaborated with a New Jersey district superintendent to develop surveys that addressed student, parent/guardian, and staff perceptions of school climate along the following five dimensions:

  • School and community connectedness
  • Learning mindsets and behaviors
  • Teaching and learning environments
  • Caring relationships
  • Safety and disciplinary environment

For those attending the ISA MER session at NABSE, please click here for the handouts.

Equity in High Schools

ISA is ready to provide support.

Listen to ISA President Stephanie Wood-Garnett explain why equity is a priority in our work and contact Abner Oakes, National Director of Outreach and Engagement, to learn more about how we can support your district.