Report by Linda Darling-Hammond et al. Features ISA School

The Learning Policy Institute (LPI) just released a case study of ISA partner school Bronxdale High School called Teaching the Way Students Learn Best: Lessons from Bronxdale High School. The case study, funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, offers “an in-depth look at how a successful school serving diverse learners organizes its structures and practices consistent with knowledge rooted in the sciences of learning and development.” Its authors include Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond from LPI and ISA’s regular collaborator Dr. Jackie Ancess from Teachers College. ISA coaching features prominently throughout the report.

In addition, at the first CASEL SEL Exchange Conference, held in Chicago in October, Bronxdale was featured as an exemplar of a secondary school that provides whole child education, in a presentation sponsored by LPI. The presentation featured the role of ISA as the school’s founding and continuing partner in supporting its development and continued success.


October is National Principals Month, and to help celebrate, ISA is hosting a networking event on October 29 for current and past New York City ISA principals and other school personnel. That afternoon, three distinguished ISA alumni who work at the New York City Department of Education will participate in a brief panel on applying the ISA principles beyond the principalship: Carolyne Quintana, Marcel Deans, and Terry Byam.

Now, how are you celebrating the critically important role of the principal?

Our Webinar on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development

Can you join ISA for a webinar at 4:00 pm ET on October 23, as we discuss our three-year social, emotional, and academic development (SEAD) project across six secondary schools? During the webinar, we will provide an overview of the SEAD research from the UChicago Consortium on School Research and access to an ISA website with SEAD resources and tools.

Additionally, you’ll hear how one school used ISA’s support and its own professional learning to guide teachers in developing skills and strategies for students to use and learn from mistakes, be reflective about and invested in their own growth, and use their strengths to tackle any problem put in front of them.

Click here to register for this online event. And connect with us on Twitter using the hashtag #SEADworks.

Noli Indian School at the NIEA Convention

On October 11 and 12, two teams of teachers and ISA coaches presented at the National Indian Education Association Convention and Trade Show in Minneapolis, MN. For one session, ISA coaches Henri Shimojyo and Michelle Stockdale shared how the school used culturally appropriate critical thinking skills and meta-cognitive strategies across various content areas. The second group, which is pictured above – from left, Noli teachers Richard Moreno and Jacquelin Phillips and ISA coach Michael Solis – shared the changes they had made to Noli’s middle school literacy program, by using culturally relevant curriculum, evidence-based vocabulary and reading strategies, and reading intervention classes. Mr. Moreno specifically focused on the school-wide advisory on-going program development and implementation.