The End of the School Year

New Blog Post: Social & Emotional Well-being & Student Agency at William Shemin Midtown Community School

We talked with four teachers from ISA partner school William Shemin Midtown Community School in Bayonne, NJ, about their approach in the classroom, their focus on social and emotional well-being for their students, and their belief in student agency and voice.

Jason DeAngelo, who teaches 8th grade English/language arts, had this to say about rigor and his students: “Education, in general, has been difficult coming back from the pandemic. In addition, all students come from different backgrounds, social settings, socioeconomic climates, and, most importantly, levels of learning. To ensure rigor in the classroom, we’ve created an environment where all students are welcome. No matter their race, social skills, or socioeconomic background, my students are never made to feel that their voice does not matter. We want them all to have a voice.”

From Educators for Excellence: Voices from the Classroom 2022: A Survey of America’s Educators

In this newsletter we share a report from Educators for Excellence (E4E), called Voices from the Classroom 2022, which highlights and discusses information and data from its most recent national survey of public school teachers.

As E4E writes, “Voices from the Classroom 2022 uncovers the perspectives of educators during this unprecedented moment. To E4E’s knowledge, it is the only survey that has compared a national sample of BIPOC educators to all educators nationally, giving us invaluable insight into what educators of color think and feel about the critical issues facing our students, schools, and the profession and how this is different than a general sample of educators across the country.”

Access the report here.

Coaching and PD Support for the 2022-23 School Year

ISA is booking professional development and coaching partnerships for next school year. Can we help you with…

  • Support for your district’s own coaches, to explore additional strategies that can be used to expand the effectiveness of district and school priorities?
  • A work plan for next school year that partners with all general education teachers and paraprofessionals who provide instruction and related services to students with disabilities?
  • A school development or leadership coach for principals to support the implementation of school improvement plans?

Read more about what ISA can do here and then reach out to us to talk about the above or other possible support. Together we can collaborate to help sustain your current success and to provide personalized professional development for educators in your district and schools.

Email Abner Oakes at aoakes [at] to learn more.