Visit an ISA School

See the 7 Principles in Action

Latina studentSee the Seven Principles in action as you tour two or more ISA schools.  Talk with principals about their ISA experience and how it’s impacted their practice.  See inquiry-based classrooms in action, and witness how students are more engaged and tackling more rigorous work.  Talk with students about how their school is equipping them to be college and career ready through advisories and mentoring relationships. Depending on the day, you may also be able to attend faculty team meetings or student advisories. It’s your day to “look under the hood” of an ISA implementation.

Your one-day adventure includes visits to at least two schools, breakfast, lunch, and transportation between the schools.  These school visits are free, but you’ll need to cover the travel cost to/from your community and, in most cases, lodging the night before.  The events run from 8am – 3pm and are open to all school district leaders.

Schedule a school visit by writing ISA.