May was time for Creative Contribution at Harvest Prep, and as usual, Harvesters shone in and out of the classroom.  “How can we make things better, more worthwhile, beautiful or just?”

Here are just a few of the many highlights:

Kaitlyn (representing Donald Trump) and Sam (representing Hillary Clinton) gave election day Debates, followed by a vote of the entire school.  The victor amongst Harvest voting students?  Bernie Sanders!
Students perform sophisticated presentations for their Capstones–here Imari discusses the layers of oppression in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
In Constitutional Law, an Upper House elective re-enacting pivotal Supreme Court cases, Adrian, Margaret Louise and Katia here act as judges in the Goldman vs. Weinberger case debating the limits of religious expression (wearing a yarmulke in the military) and the First Amendment.
C.O.R.E. Club here reading Ta-Nehisi Coates to contextualize their actions against oppression, including holding weekly Fairness panels for Restorative Justice.
For Community Service, sophomores here organize data they’ve gathered for a traffic safety project.
Over 50 Harvesters participated in the AIDS Walk! As their sign reads, “Hate is not a Harvest Habit.”
*We had another lovely annual Spring Concert, where we were treated to musical performances that seem to get better and better each subsequent year.  Congratulations to all your musical efforts Harvest students!  Our talented Rock Band serenades us.
Congratulations to our boys on the Baseball for their recent All-City Victory!

Harvest will graduate it’s first class this year. Principal Kate Burch sends a word of encouragement:

You are almost there!  We are incredibly proud to see the hard work you are producing in your Capstone projects–and the many acceptances and financial awards you’ve deservedly won at colleges and universities across the country.  You are all going to college! (with a few taking gap years)  We look forward to celebrating this momentous time in your life at our first Prom, Senior Luncheon at New Leaf Cafe, and of course, Graduation in a few weeks. With about 90 Capstones to go, this will be a tough stretch for some of you.  And, as they say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Let’s all keep each other’s spirits up in this final push.