Visit Hudson High School for Learning Technologies

See the Seven Principles in action as you tour Hudson High School of Learning Technologies (Hudson HSLT).  Talk with principal Nancy Logozzo and her leadership team about their ISA experience and how it’s impacted practice.  See inquiry-based classrooms in action, and witness how students are more engaged and tackling more rigorous work.  Talk with students about how their school is equipping them to be college- and career-ready through advisories and mentoring relationships. Depending on the day, you may also be able to attend faculty team meetings or student advisories. It’s your day to “look under the hood” of an ISA implementation.

About Hudson HSLT*

Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is an Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) partnership school. Using the ISA Seven Principles as our guide, and infusing next generation technology to manage, evaluate, and differentiate curriculum, instruction and assessment, Hudson creates an academically rigorous and personalized learning environment that provides all students with college access, prepares all students to be college ready, and creates opportunities for all students to develop 21st Century skills. The mission of Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is to promote and develop the art of questioning so that our students are confident self-directed learners who are able to understand the world, appreciate multiple perspectives, take action as community activists, and become empowered personal advocates.

Hudson HSLT is dedicated to cultivating strong individuals and future leaders, who will be able to:

  • Access and assess informational sources, process data, facts and opinions, and communicate new ideas through the development of transliteracy skills.
  • Deconstruct complex problems and develop collaborative, multi-faceted solutions.
  • Act with integrity, increase their resiliency, and respect diversity.

*From the Hudson High School website.