Philadelphia Teachers & Coaches Showcase Inquiry-based Approaches

On May 19, 2018, teachers from Samuel Fels, Kensington Health Sciences, and Overbrook high schools joined together to showcase the great work they have done with their coaches. The lessons displayed showed new skills, creative inquiry strategies, interesting approaches to learning, instructional ideas that fellow teachers could use, and more.

“Teachers rarely get to show off their hard work,” said Betty Greene-Bryant, ISA’s Senior Director of Programs who leads ISA’s work in Philadelphia. “These teachers have worked hard this past year, developing new skills, increasing rigor and engagement, and transitioning to inquiry-based learning.”

“My coach really helped me succeed,” said one teacher from Fels High School. “I had never done a project of this magnitude before. She helped me plan backwards, beginning with a vision of the student work I wanted to see. I’m a better teacher today because of her.”

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