Noli Indian School Summer Institute 2018

The ISA team kicked off the first of many 2018 school summer institutes in Temecula, California with the Noli Indian School. Noli’s staff and administrators came together for two days to review the role, theories and applications of Motivation in a school setting. The school was particularly interested in unpacking motivation as a way to engage and excite students about their learning and to connect Native American culture and experience to the academic content. The summer institute provided valuable team building and collaboration opportunities and set the stage for further cooperation among staff for the upcoming school year.

The Institute began with opening remarks from the principal, Donovan Post, and keynote speaker, Persephone Hooper-Lewis, who is currently serving as Professor of Practice, and Tribal Liaison in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of San Diego. During her presentation, Professor Hooper-Lewis spoke about the importance of working with the local First Nations’ urban and reservation communities to ensure access for Native American students, as well as linking the resources of the school with the needs of the community.

The Institute continued with interactive workshop sessions and presentations on the following topics of interest expressed by the Noli school community: advisory; student engagement practices; and strategies and application of curriculum planning. It concluded with a debrief session and wrap-up discussion for the staff to reflect on their two-day working experience as a whole group. While each individual had an opportunity to share feedback with the ISA team, a few highlights expressed by Noli staff included:

  • They felt an increased level of insight into how to plan and structure advisories for the following year to support students;
  • The strategies for understanding student background and how to connect teachers’ content to students’ culture felt culturally accurate, applicable, and timely;
  • The Institute was a positive opportunity for the school community to come together, bond as a team, and regain energy for the upcoming school year.

One quote that stood out to the ISA team in particular:

“I learned that I need to implement more strategies for student engagement through active learning and allow more flexibility through student choice.” – Noli Teacher

For a closer look, download the 2018 Noli Indian School Program Booklet here.