Summer Institute Speakers 2018


Ebony Green
Dr. Ebony Green

Keynote Speaker
Stephanie Wood-Garnett
Dr. Stephanie Wood-Garnett

President of ISA

Workshop Presenters – Check back regularly for updates!

Workshops for Invited Guests

Jacqueline AncessFenot Aklog
ISA’s Whole-School Reform Solution: How 7 Evidence-Based Principles Support the Changes YOU Want in Schools
Jacqueline Ancess, Ed.D.
Fenot Aklog, Ed.D.

National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching; Teachers College, Columbia University

Thematic Workshops

Ebony Green

Cultural Relevance: What Does it Look Like in the Classroom?

Ebony Green

Alison Cohen

Planning for Growth Mindset: How can every moment of a lesson nurture growth mindset?

Alison Cohen

Carlton Jordan

Writing Across the Curriculum: The Art of Actionable Feedback

Carlton Jordan and Josh Ginsberg, Bronxdale HS

Audrey Federman

Performance Assessments, Capstone Projects, & Portfolios

Audrey Federman and Joanna Dolgin

Dale Worsley

Focus on students with special needs: Scaffolding instruction for Special Education and ENL Students

Dale Worsley

Innovation High School

Student Self-Assessment and Agency

Innovation High School Faculty

Bronxdale High School

Restorative Circles in Advisory

Bronxdale High School Faculty

Content Area Sessions

Nathan Dilworth

Unpacking Student Mathematical Thinking

Nathan Dilworth

Carlton JordanTanya Carneiro

Complicating Texts: An Antidote to Fake Reading

Carlton Jordan with Tanya Carneiro, Innovation HS

Mariam Naraine Zebrowski

STEAM: Engaging and Challenging Interdisciplinary Problems

Mariam Naraine Zebrowski and Nathan Dilworth