Equity in Schools and Districts

At ISA, we believe that every student has the potential to succeed in school and in life. Our collective efforts with school boards and educators to review local data to understand which students are not thriving is at the root of creating change. When we use data to drive our review of existing policies, practices, and procedures, we gain clarity on how our systems impact students and the learning opportunities available to them. When working together, the possibilities are endless.

Our relationship with the district, and its specific equity goals, guide our approach. Together, our team and district administrators develop a customized plan tailored to the district’s unique needs, which may include some or all of the following strategies:

Creating meaningful and sustainable change takes time.

We partner with districts to support their long-term equity planning, no matter where they currently are in their journey toward greater equity. Through our collaborative and authentic approach, we help district and school leaders uncover existing inequities in their communities and opportunities to improve outcomes for all students.

Equity in High Schools

Thanks to generous funding from NewSchools Venture Fund, ISA has launched the Women of Color Education Collaborative (WOCEC), bringing together women of color in superintendent and cabinet-level roles in school districts. The goal of WOCEC is to create a network of thriving women of color superintendents and senior leaders by providing a program designed to enhance their leadership skills and capacity while also focusing on healing and building strong bonds between participants. The collaborative will focus on building upon existing strengths and capabilities to support women leaders and work towards advancing equity.

NewSchools Venture Fund
Women of Color Education Collaborative (WOCEC)

ISA is ready to provide support.

Listen to ISA President Stephanie Wood-Garnett explain why equity is a priority in our work and contact Abner Oakes, National Director of Outreach and Engagement, to learn more about how we can support your district.