Everything that young people experience in school—from classroom instruction to the overall school culture—impacts their development. When students learn in welcoming and affirming environments, they feel safe emotionally and mentally, take greater academic risks, learn from their mistakes, and believe they can succeed.

What are ISA coaching services?

ISA’s provides individual and team job-embedded coaching, which helps schools and districts engage in continuous improvement work. ISA coaching is driven by outcomes: Together, our coach-educator teams identify specific goals for professional growth and student achievement. Our coaching is grounded in research-based practices, and ISA employs a multi-method, comprehensive, and integrated system for the ongoing monitoring and assessment of progress.

    Who are our coaches?

    ISA coaches are highly experienced, expert practitioners committed to supporting the improvement activities of schools, districts, and state education agencies. Many of our coaches have worked as lead teachers or secondary school principals who started their own schools, while others have served as district instructional leaders or superintendents. ISA has a careful and involved process to recruit and vet its coaches, knowing their critical importance to our partners.

    What is our approach to coaching?

    ISA’s coaching is grounded in seven research-based principles that serve as a framework for improving organizational, educational, and cultural practices. While the seven principles are constant across all network schools, their implementation varies based on individual community culture and district or school development needs.

    ISA Approach Graphic

    What are people saying about ISA’s coaching?

    ISA coaches are providing needed support to the teachers in my school

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    ISA’s coaching has a positive effect on student learning.
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