Alison Cohen

By Emily Riddles

Alison Cohen joined ISA in 2015 and is thrilled to be coaching at several ISA schools. She is the product of an urban public school system herself (DC Public Schools) and her experiences as a student made her passionate about working towards a more just educational system that meets all students’ needs regardless of background. Alison has spent more than a decade playing a variety of different roles in public middle and high schools. She has worked as a teacher (English, Literacy, ESOL/ENL, Special Ed), school mindfulness program director, student teacher supervisor, teacher advice columnist, and coach. Her areas of expertise include literacy across the content areas, mindfulness, bias awareness, and growth mindset in urban schools. Alison loves the moment when humanities and STEM teachers she has been working with successfully implement literacy practices in their classrooms and then later share that they have come to see themselves not only as content experts but as literacy educators as well. She is also particularly passionate about the roles growth mindset and mindfulness training can play in improving instruction, student performance, and relationships among school community members.