Life Academy High School for Film & Music (L.I.F.E. Academy) is doing amazing things with its student population, as evidenced by their incredible 4-year graduation rate of 91 percent! For the 2013-2014 school year, school leadership and faculty have implemented a comprehensive college and career readiness program within their ELA curriculum. Teachers integrate strategies and activities into their weekly curriculum that introduce college readiness to all students at all grade levels. Their goal is to ensure that college and career readiness becomes a permanent part of the school’s instruction and culture.

Through the integration of film and academics, L.I.F.E. Academy students develop creative and technical skills to prepare them for college and career endeavors. Teachers emphasize inquiry-, project-, and performance-based assessments to engage the whole child. Students are encouraged to think critically, develop their unique talents, and give back generously to the community.

Congratulations to L.I.F.E Academy on their ongoing commitment to college success!

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