Webinar: Digital Tools to Help English Learners

By Abner Oakes

ISA's National Director of Outreach and Engagement

On January 14, ISA hosted a webinar called Digital Tools to Help English Learners. Stephanie Grasso, an ISA coach, was joined by Sabrina Espinetti, a teacher of English learners at NYC’s Business of Sports School. During the event, Stephanie and Sabrina demonstrated digital tools to use with English learners (EL) in the virtual or blended classroom. They shared ways to promote EL’s speaking, reading, and writing skills through the use of apps, as well as ways that teachers can differentiate activities and assignments using these tools. As in her previous webinar for ISA, Stephanie continued to weave the theme of social-emotional support for ELs as she and Sabrina explored how to best support these students using digital tools. Click below to watch the archived version of the webinar.