Webcast: Learning is Nonlinear

By Abner Oakes

ISA's Director of Outreach

On October 22, ISA teammates Hewette Moore and Nate Dilworth presented at the Innovation Conference for the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS). For this day-long conference, each presentation had a 20-minute time slot, consisting of a 12-minute presentation followed by questions and answers.

As Nate and Hewette shared during their presentation, the learning process is beautifully nonlinear, even though many students enter school believing their learning process should follow a straight, uninterrupted path. How do schools create spaces for students and teachers to learn in a way that debunks the myths, works through the challenges, and equips both students and teachers with strategies for growing through the learning process? Their presentation connected the social-emotional side of learning with academic development (SEAD) in the disciplines to foster spaces for students and teachers to embrace the learning process together.