Core Beliefs

A Vision of Success

About Students

Group of students sitting on stepsISA believes in the efficacy of students.

ISA believes all students deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and care.

ISA believes quality teaching lies at the center of improved student learning.

ISA believes parents are important partners in their children’s education

ISA believes effort trumps ability when it comes to academic success.

ISA believes if you support students, you can demand more of them.

ISA believes learning is an active, natural process that should be dynamic, active, and personal.

About Schools

ISA works only with high schools, which is where we have developed our knowledge, experience and expertise in what works to graduate all students prepared for success in post-secondary education and careers.

ISA understands that the School is the unit of change in order to provide all students in the school access to an excellent and equitable education.

ISA supports school leaders in creating schools aligned with what research indicates are the attributes of high performing schools.

ISA works in partnership with schools and districts, helping schools reclaim their sense of agency and develop their capacity to achieve the student and school outcomes.

ISA customizes its solutions to respond to the individual needs and local context of each district and school and to develop stakeholders’ ownership of the process and the resulting changes.

ISA’s work is grounded in educational research and practitioner expertise.