Margo’s commitment to excellence in public urban education has spanned 37 years and two cities. Her dedication and commitment has led her to find fulfillment in a variety of positions.

She served as the Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction at Aspira, Inc.  Prior to this, Margo relocated to New Orleans where she worked to rebuild the post Katrina, state-run Recovery School District. In these four years she served first as the Coordinator of Master Teacher Coaches and then as Network Leader in charge of all operations for six schools where she helped to create a rubric for teaching based on the Danielson Framework of Teaching.

Subsequent to her move to New Orleans, she created and served as the director of the TFA Mentor Program for first year teachers at the University of Pennsylvania. This, following three years of service to Mastery Charter Schools as an assistant principal in charge of instruction. Margo has also spent her career mentoring other teachers through the Philadelphia School District, the Philadelphia Writing Project and Aspira Schools.

It with great enthusiasm that Margo comes on board as a teacher coach for the Institute of Student Achievement.