Following our Washington DC event on evidence-based whole-school reform, we sat with three educational leaders to talk with them about their work in turning around struggling high schools. Here are the insights they shared with us.

A Conversation with:

Dr. Michelle Pierre-Farid

Chief Academic Officer
Cleveland Metropolitan School District

[su_lightbox src=”″]The full interview (4:14)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]Can you describe the work you’re doing to improve professional learning communities for educators? (2:00)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]Can you describe the “Investment Portfolio Strategy” in Cleveland? (0:50)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]What advice would you give on school turnaround? (1:59)[/su_lightbox]

Michelle Pierre-Farid

A Conversation with:

Dr. Wachera Brown

Principal, Innovation High School
Jersey City Public Schools

[su_lightbox src=”″]The full interview (3:11)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]Please tell us about yourself and your school (0:47)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]What does Innovation do to prepare students for college and careers? (1:51)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]Why is it important to have a partner for school design? (1:07)[/su_lightbox]

A Conversation with:

Stephanie Wood-Garnett

President, Institute for Student Achievement

[su_lightbox src=”″]The full interview (6:33)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]What makes the ISA model unique? (1:37)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]What’s important in a school turnaround partner? (1:56)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]Why are student-adult relationships so valuable in a school? (1:49)[/su_lightbox]

[su_lightbox src=”″]How can an evidence-based approach make school turnarounds more successful? (2:04)[/su_lightbox]