Our Mission

At ISA, we believe that every student can succeed—in school and in life—and that every educator can nurture that success. Teachers, principals, and other school and district leaders simply need the right support at the right time.

ISA History

For more than 30 years, we have partnered with schools and districts to improve student achievement by transforming how teachers and administrators approach learning.

Our Work

No two learning environments are the same, so serving the needs of all students requires a customized approach. We collaborate with the educators, schools, and districts we serve to learn about their unique needs. Then, together, we create a plan tailored to their specific goals and implement strategies designed to sustain their success. We care for the needs of teachers and school leaders so they can focus on caring for students.

Our Work

Our Focus

We help schools and districts

  • build cultures focused on educational equity by removing barriers that prevent certain students from accessing rigorous learning experiences;
  • nurture students’ social, emotional, and academic development;
  • develop teachers’ talents as instructors to improve student engagement and achievement across subjects; and
  • enhance the leadership skills of their administrators to promote continuous school improvement.

Our Impact

Regardless of their size, location, or specific needs, ISA schools benefit from our support. Students in ISA schools move to the next grade level and graduate at higher rates and earn more credits during their four years of high school than similar students in other schools.


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ISA is ready to provide support.

Download our services guide to learn more about the ways we support schools and districts or contact Abner Oakes, National Director of Outreach and Engagement, for more information about partnering with ISA.