Dr. Betty Greene-Bryant
Senior Director of Programs

Instructional Coaching

In providing instructional coaching, ISA collaborates to create customized plans and implementation strategies designed to achieve and sustain success beyond our involvement.

Ebony I. Green, Ed.D.
Sr. Director of Programs for Equity and Access

Equity Training

ISA deeply believes that equity must be interwoven into the policies, practices, and procedures that impact student achievement and social emotional development.

Carolyne Quintana
Senior Director of Programs, SEAD

Social and Emotional Learning

ISA promotes the integration of social and emotional learning along with meta-cognitive strategies into core academic instruction.

ISA’s Supports and Services

ISA partner schools have seven qualities in common: the seven ISA principles. Yet each school’s work plan with ISA is unique, created in collaboration with the school/district to meet its community’s specific needs. All ISA partner schools have one other important quality in common: results!


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Research about child #trauma shows how important it is that children are in caring relationships with stable and supportive adults. https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/57982/trauma-is-a-lens-not-a-label-how-schools-can-support-all-students

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